Bebe Guajiro

Bebe Guajiro

Bebe Guajiro

Handmade straw hat by Wayuu-indigenous from La Guajira in Colombia.   
Comes with soft removable hatband. 
M size: 56 cm diameter. 
Unique piece!
Each hat takes eight hours to be created with a diagonal weaving technique. 
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This is a top quality hat, since it presents also on the inner side pattern and design. 
Inner head circumference 56 cm.
Crown hight is 12 cm.
Brim width is 8 cm. 
Hatband is made out of 100% Polyacryl,
Azo-free, Iso-Standard 9001:2000.
Waterproof paint. 

Inside the hat you will find a inner lining for more comfort.. 

MAMA TIERRA is a NGO compromised with improving lives of indigenous people. Therefore, we offer better salaries and trading conditions to Wayuu tribes. Being Swiss with Wayuu-indigenous roots, the aboriginal people are near and dear to us. Many thanks for caring to buy products traded fairly.